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Vintage Sphere is all about creating a space, a whole sphere for modern vintage lovers to enjoy well curated vintage fashion. Creating different vibes, exploring self expression through style and to study the cyclical and nostalgic nature of fashion is what gets us going. Always finding new angles and inspiration from the past to express the now. Literally.  

Wear your values

Vintage is clothing and accessories that have been around for at least 20 years. Unique pieces that continue to inspire the fashion world today. To shop vintage is to distance yourself from fast fashion where clothes are seen as a disposable and instead enjoy garments that have been loved for decades. Once you experience the emotional connection to a vintage find it’s hard to go back to old ways of shopping fast fashion. 

Curated to perfection

Together with our chosen curators we bring you new vintage pieces every week. Handpicked items for the modern vintage fashion lover who appreciates unique style and quality clothing. Specializing in vintage from the 1970’s up until the early 2000’s. Our main focus is providing you with the best selection of timeless vintage classics (aka the gateways) such as Levis 501, leather jackets and slip dresses, as well as thrilling unique gems that keeps things interesting.

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Julkalender! 🎁

Happy holidays Sphere Girls! I år har vi fyllt vår julkalender med ännu mer magi. I 24 unika luckor kommer du få ta del av erbjudanden, inspiration, guider, samarbetspartners och events -allt för att get you in that vintage holiday spirit! Klicka på dagens lucka för att uppleva magin!

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dress like a star with the stars


Sagittarius Season 22 November - December 21 is all about harvesting the "I don't care" vibe and natural coolness off a Sagittarius woman. This curated vintage collection is where effortless and comfy meets cool and natural. Classic cool pieces like Levis 501 getting mixed up with cosy knits and iconic leather.

Sagittarius Collection ♐︎
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